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home staging


One of the most important services Bare to Beautiful offer is their home staging consultancy. In today’s world it can be very difficult getting your property ready for sale and unfortunately this can result in a lengthy process.

Joanne offers a service that will get your home ready for selling without a lot of extra added expense. She offers a one off consultation which includes a written report within 48 hours with recommendations for changes around the home. These can, and will often be very minor changes which can be done by the client or if they wish, Joanne and her team at an agreed fee.

There is also the opportunity to loan accessories for around the home. After clients have received the written report, and if the recommendations are undertaken, Joanne will then take a new set of photographs for free and provide these to the estate agents to update their information on the property.


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Contact: Joanne Harrod
Telephone: 07403 737797

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